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N,N Dimethylaminoethanol

We are one of the known Importers & Suppliers of pure and precisely composed N,N Dimethylaminoethanol. It is a clear, colorless, mobile liquid with an ammoniacal odor that is widely known for its miscibility with water, alcohols, ether and aromatic solvents. Buyers can obtain pure N,N Dimethylaminoethanol in safe packaging and at very affordable price from us. We also ensure timely and safe delivery of the orders.

Details :

  • Chemical Name : 2-Dimethylaminoethanol, Dimethyl Ethanolamine
  • CAS No. : 108-01-0
  • HS Code No. : 29212990
  • Molecular Formula : (CH3)2 N-CH2-CH2-OH
  • Molecular Weight : 89.14


Uses :

  • Use in the preparation of water - reducible coating formulations.
  • Can be used to control corrosion in Boiler water condensate return lines.
  • Use in preparation of Textile Assistants.
  • Use in preparation of Catalysts for polymerizing olefin oxides and sulfides.
  • Use in preparation of an antistatic agent for polystyrene.
  • Use in preparation of Ion-Exchange resins.
  • Use. in intermediate for the manufacture of antihistamines and local anesthetics in pharma.


Applications :

  • Preparation of water-reducible coating formulations
  • Raw materials used to make dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate
  • Used to control corrosion in boiler water condensate return lines
  • Preparation of resins, which can be used to increase the dry strength or wet strength of paper
  • Production of textile assistants
  • Preparation of a good treatment which imparts water repellency and fungus resistance to kiln dried lumber
  • Improvement of polyalkene dyeability by mixing the polyalkene with a dimethylethanolaminetreated copolymer of ethylene and an acrylate or maleate
  • Stabilization of perchloroethylene by the addition of epichlorohydrin, propargyl alcohol, and dimethylethanolamine
  • Production of an antistatic agent for polystyrene
  • Preparation of a bonding agent for bonding thermoplastic organic polymers to conductive substrates
  • Preparation of ion-exchange resins
  • Wetting agent in glass cleaning formulation
  • Catalyst for curing urethane-based ink
  • Preparation of fatty acid soaps
  • Manufacture of antihistamines and local anesthetics in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Preparation of soluble chloromethylated polymers of styrene and alpha-methyl styrene


Appearance at 25oC Clear viscous liquid
Color Colorless to pale yellow
% Water 0.2 Max.
% Purity 99.0 Min
Method of analysis Methods of analysis are available upon request
Typical data Chemical and physical data typical values
Specific Gravity 20/20oC
Flash pointoC About 50
Solubility The solubility at 20oC is as follows: Water soluble

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